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My 88 Ranger STX
March 22nd Trail Ride

This is my 1988 Ford Ranger STX Supercab 4x4. Has the stock 2.9L V6 in it, that leaks oil like a sieve from under the valve covers. That's high on my list of things to do.

Other than stock, it has a 3 inch body lift. This was done before I bought it, and was the only "improvement" to it. I replaced the stock 2 piece driveshaft with a one piece shaft (See pics below). I also cut out the fender so I can fit 33 inch ProComp Mud Terrain tires under it. I have 2 set of wheels and tires for it. My "street" tires are 235/70/15 (or something like that) Wild Country tires that actually served me pretty decently up to now. For the trials, I'm putting on the 33 inchers.

This is before I started anything. "anything" being, cutting the fenders up. Sitting up on stands waiting for me to start in. Say "By-By" to the nice fenders, kuz I'm gunna hack 'em up pretty soon. Yes, that's a door sitting across the bed of my truck, don't ask.
Fist job was the driveshaft. My driveshaft was vibrating really bad. This 2 piece model (the rusty looking one) was a really poor design. It had to have that center carrier bearing in order to hold the short shaft stable, and then it had one more u-joint to worry about. I ordered a new one piece shaft from Mountain Driveline for $200.00 !! Including shipping even! Showed up on my front porch 4 days after I ordered it! w00t! It's the pretty black one. It is larger in diameter, has bigger u-joints, and most importantly, It's balanced so it doesn't VIBRATE
I heard that when people replace the 2 piece shafts with the one piece, the crossmember that the carrier bearing sat on gets in the way. They were right. It was right smack in the way. Had to go. I chopped it out...
Here's the shaft in, with no cross member in the way. I may have compromised the structural integrety of the truck with it gone. I might have to get another piece welded in that won't get in the way.

Update: During the trail ride, I noticed a little more body flex than I used to, so ya, the cross member was kinda important.
This pic is much better than the original one I had here! This is after the fender trim, and with the 33 inch ProComp MT tires. Looks pretty nice. well, except for the sloppy fender trim. I can clean it up later I guess.

Ride Pics

Well this is me attempting to climb a hill at Hoosier Creek ORV area near Solon, IA, I didn't actually end up making it up this hill...
...Almost, but not quite. Had to back down and go another way. Looks like I made it here, but nope. There are lots more pics to come.

There are more action shots of the truck.