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 Jamie and I went to Europe recently.  I took pictures of the cars of course!

  • An Alpha Romeo coupe 
  • I saw a Ford Cosworth.  That was new to me.  I took one and two pictures. 
  • WOW!  A Lotus Elise!  I took one picture from the side, and another from behind.  This was parked on the street just a block or 2 from our hotel in London. 
  • This Morgan was also parked very close to our hotel.  Contrary to it's looks, it's pretty new. 
  • Some Farrari.  (you'll have to trust me, it's a bad picture) 
  • This is just a neat old car in Paris. 
  • There were Smart cars all over.  I snapped one is Paris, and one in Brussels. 
  • This car won the award for the weirdest car.  In the picture are Jamie's friends Eric and Candy who went with us on our trip. 
  • BMWs are as common in Europe as Chevrolet's are here.  Here's a common site of a Z3 in a parking lot in rural England.