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  • www.championfamily.ws The Champion family movie club.
  • Put your computer to good use. Have it do medical research in it's spare time. I have my own page with more details on how to set it up. Go there now!
  • My folding stats, and Team Champion stats
  • The Ranger Station is a site devoted to Ford Rangers like my '88 STX. (forums)
  • Rough Rangers Off Road Club is another Ranger site devoted to 4x4s. (forums)
  • Civ Helper. My very own program I wrote to help with Civ Card credits in Avalon Hill's Advanced Civilization.
  • What time is it?  4:30!  it's not late, NO, it's just early, early.
  • Hawkeye Guestbook
  • dsmgg A bunch of geeks who play games with other geeks on Saturday night!
  • NCSA's Beginner's Guide to HTML The real inventers of the web (not Al Gore!)
  • WebMonkeyWebMonkey has more advanced web development tutorials. (Thanks Brian)
  • Yahoo Games
  • Play Settlers of Catan online. Cool board game!
  • Sprockets Karting Center is a cool indoor go kart track in Des Moines.
  • Pricewatch is a good place to find the lowest price on computer hardware.
  • Toms Hardware Guide is a good place to find information on said computer hardware.
  • Anandtech Hardware is another good place to find information on computer hardware.
  • Cheap Rebuilt engines