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Well, I decided to play woodworker, and try and build a computer desk. I wanted a low serface so the keyboard would be low, and I would have a low desk for a workspace (to work on my computers of course!)
So, here are some pictures of what I have been up to. I'll say this, building furnature is harder than I thought, and more time consuming. But, it's been an good learning experience, and when I'm done, I'll have a desk made out of wood, not particle board!!

This first picture is the desk top (upside down). I used a piece of 1/2 plywood (it was cheap) for the top. It's 7x3 feet. I acutally did this last, and the cabinets first.

The drawers are where I started. Here's a smaller drawer. For the front I just used "select" grade pine, and 1/4 roundover with a router. Nothing fancy, but looks ok.

My brother Greg has a dovetail jig, and I used my dad's router, and bought a 1/2 dovetail bit and did all 6 drawer boxes. I was a bit sloppy... they really aren't perfectly square. I have 2 tall drawers, one in each cabinet. If you look close, you can see the grooves in the drawer for the hanging folders.

After the drawers, I went on to the cabinets. I learned my lesson on the drawers, and tried to measure more precicely. The cabinets themselves turned out pretty good.

Another shot of one of the cabinets. The front was real simple. Just 1x4 ripped down to the right width, and screwed together with wood screws.

Starting to look like a desk! All these pictures were taken withing 10 minutes of each other really. I just pulled the drawers out to take the cabinet pictures, and I just set the top on the cabinet for this picture. Sorry about the spots, I think the camera lense is dirty.

The whole desk. The desk top on the right side is done (the one pictured upsidedown at the top). The top on the left is just sittin on the other cabinet and I clamped the edge piece on just to get an idea waht it will look like.

Another angle of the whole desk. Yes, it's REALLY big. That's what I want. It's also really low. 2 ft 2 inches. The same height as your standard card table. Here you can also see that some of the drawer fronts are of a different color. I hope the stain will hide that. If not, oh well.

Thanks for looking. More pictures as I make progress!